BODØ - The mini metropole up north


Vibrant and lively Bodø is the heart of the Salten region, as well as Northern Norway’s second city.

Bodø is the European Capital of Culture 2024, and, is found in a landscape of endless variety just north of the Arctic Circle.

Bodø is an exciting and lively city with short distances between the memorable experiences. You can go shopping, climb in the mountains, go on a RIB safari to visit the world’s strongest tidal current and drink at a sky bar – all on the same day! 

Nord university

Nord university has its base in Bodø, and is located approximately ten kilometers east of the city centre. The university is also the host of this conference. Nord university offers three different professional social work programs, masterprograms in social work and child protection and a phd program in sociology with welfare and social policy studies as an important field of competence.


Conference organizer

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Local organizing Committe

Asgeir Solstad